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70’s Sci-Fi movie

I saw a sci-fi movie on tv back in the 70’s and a couple of scenes have stuck with me through the years. The movie was in color and everyone spoke English.

The first scene I remember is of a man in his home retrieving a small box he had hidden. He seems to be sweating or nervous or otherwise unwell. When he opens the lid of the box there’s a green light shining out of it. He basks in the light and the man is revived as if the light were a medication he needed.

The second scene I remember is of a young boy finding the box and opening it. The green light burns him and I believe it’s later revealed to be a severe radiation burn.

I also seem to remember something about aliens and a dam but that could easily be a different movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Lovecraftian horror

When I was a teen back in the 80’s I remember watching a horror movie. I didn’t know who Lovecraft was at the time, but in retrospect this movie felt very Lovecraftian. I can only remember a single brief scene from the movie.

There were two men in the basement (or dungeon cell) of an old house (or castle). I think they had a book (the Necronomicon?). They’re talking to each other when a flying nightmare creature comes out of a large hole in the wall, rips the entire skin off one of the guys, then flies back into the hole with the skin.

That’s all I remember about the movie. In color, in english, and probably made in the 70’s.

Older horror movie

I have a vague childhood memory of watching a horror movie back in the 70’s. The only thing I remember about it is a scene where a man is outside his house (possibly a mansion) and he sees a cat in the driveway. He whistles at the cat and in the next scene the cat isn’t just dead, it’s actually mangled from his whistling.


I saw it in the 70’s but it’s probably older than that. I can’t remember if it was in B/W or color. English speaking. I’m fairly certain that it was part of an anthology movie.

Memory recording movie

I watched this movie on HBO back in the 80’s and I believe it was relatively recent at the time. In color and English.

The basic premise of the movie was that a group of scientists found a way to record a person’s experiences (emotion, sight, touch, sound, etc.) onto a tape. A different person viewing the tape would then re-live these experiences as though they were that person.

One of the scientists, an elderly woman, is working late one night when she realizes she is beginning to have a massive heart attack. Realizing that she’s about to die, she puts on the headset, records the experience, and is found dead the next morning.

Anyone playing her tape proceeds to have a heart attack just like she did. Another scientist manages to isolate just the visual part of the recording so it doesn’t kill him. Playing the tape reveals the woman’s experience after death. After death she leaves her body, re-lives several special moments of her life, then takes a journey through a hellish landscape before arriving at a bright light.

People looking for a lost city in Central America

Back in the mid to late 70’s I saw a movie about a group of explorers looking for a lost city or temple in possibly central America. It was in English and in color.

The only scene that really stands out for me is where the explorers are in a cavern (or mine, or maybe an underground temple) when they come across an open heavy stone door. For some reason they move the door a bit to find the skeletal remains of a previous explorer crushed to death behind it. I’m pretty sure it was a person they knew who disappeared years ago.

Any ideas?

Ghost girl

I saw this movie when I was a little kid in the 70’s. It was in English and I’m pretty sure it was in color. I think it was one of those family-friendly Sunday Night Movies that was popular back then.

There’s only a couple of things I remember about the movie. There’s a family that moves into an older house. The kids find that there’s a ghost of a little girl (roughly 10 years old) who died either by accident or was killed (I’m not sure). I think she’s looking for the porcelain doll she had when she was alive. By the end of the movie, the kids climb down the dry well behind the house and find her body and the doll. The ghost girl picks up the doll and starts singing softly to herself (I think she sings Frère Jacques). As she’s singing she starts to fade away. When she’s gone, the doll drops and breaks open, revealing the doll was filled with diamonds.

Science fiction barren future movie

I watched a movie back in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. The ozone layer has finally been completely destroyed, allowing massive amounts of solar radiation to scorch the planet. Mankind is barely surviving in small pockets. Being exposed to direct sunlight for more than an a few minutes will leave a person with extremely severe sunburn, longer exposure results in death.

The movie focuses on a group of teens attending high school in their community. The main character is an older teen boy being picked on by the popular kids and jocks. The main teen lives alone in his house because his scientist parents disappeared years ago. The landscape outside is barren wasteland, but inside his house is lush jungle growth to the point that you can barely see the walls or floors.

At one point, main teen gets tied up and left outside to die from exposure. He’s outside for many hours before his friends find him, but to everyone’s surprise he’s only moderately sunburned instead of dead. Later in the movie you find out that his parents genetically modified his DNA at birth to be radiation-resistant.

Back at his house, he learns that his parents never really disappeared; they had actually changed themselves (somehow) into two clouds of firefly-like insects. They were still living in the house but for whatever reason never communicated with him.

By the end of the movie, the house bursts open and the lush jungle growth starts spreading. The plants inside had been genetically engineered by mom and dad to be radiation-resistant and are thriving in the outdoors.

Alien plant

This was a definite made-for-tv, low-budget movie I saw on the Sci-Fi Channel a few years ago.


A demolition crew is in the process of tearing up an old military base when they come across a hidden room. In the middle of the room there is a tomb-like vault. When they remove the top of the vault they find it full of water and a drowned test monkey (or maybe a person) with a strange plant growth coming out of it’s chest. They take photos and the light from the camera flash starts the plant growing at a fast pace, killing everyone it touches. The survivors reason that if the plant is growing this fast at night, then it will be unstoppable once the sun rises. One person realizes that the plant is actively avoiding him and it turns out that this guy’s blood acts like Roundup to the plant so he has to find his way back to the vault and kill it at the source.

Woman on a sailboat

About 10 years ago I was in a hotel watching a movie. I can only remember a short scene before I fell asleep.


There was a woman alone on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. It was nighttime with a full moon and the water was completely calm. She seemed to be stranded and was waiting for the wind to pick up again so she could resume her journey. On occasion, someone from her past (maybe) would climb onto the boat and they would have a conversation. The whole thing was a little surreal because she didn’t really freak out about seeing these people.


At a guess, I would think the movie was made in the mid-2000’s. It was in color and everyone spoke English.