Memory recording movie

I watched this movie on HBO back in the 80’s and I believe it was relatively recent at the time. In color and English.

The basic premise of the movie was that a group of scientists found a way to record a person’s experiences (emotion, sight, touch, sound, etc.) onto a tape. A different person viewing the tape would then re-live these experiences as though they were that person.

One of the scientists, an elderly woman, is working late one night when she realizes she is beginning to have a massive heart attack. Realizing that she’s about to die, she puts on the headset, records the experience, and is found dead the next morning.

Anyone playing her tape proceeds to have a heart attack just like she did. Another scientist manages to isolate just the visual part of the recording so it doesn’t kill him. Playing the tape reveals the woman’s experience after death. After death she leaves her body, re-lives several special moments of her life, then takes a journey through a hellish landscape before arriving at a bright light.

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