Lovecraftian horror

When I was a teen back in the 80’s I remember watching a horror movie. I didn’t know who Lovecraft was at the time, but in retrospect this movie felt very Lovecraftian. I can only remember a single brief scene from the movie.

There were two men in the basement (or dungeon cell) of an old house (or castle). I think they had a book (the Necronomicon?). They’re talking to each other when a flying nightmare creature comes out of a large hole in the wall, rips the entire skin off one of the guys, then flies back into the hole with the skin.

That’s all I remember about the movie. In color, in english, and probably made in the 70’s.

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    1. I just watched the trailer and I think this might be it. I can’t believe I got the dates so very wrong! Thank you, GG!

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