Ghost girl

I saw this movie when I was a little kid in the 70’s. It was in English and I’m pretty sure it was in color. I think it was one of those family-friendly Sunday Night Movies that was popular back then.

There’s only a couple of things I remember about the movie. There’s a family that moves into an older house. The kids find that there’s a ghost of a little girl (roughly 10 years old) who died either by accident or was killed (I’m not sure). I think she’s looking for the porcelain doll she had when she was alive. By the end of the movie, the kids climb down the dry well behind the house and find her body and the doll. The ghost girl picks up the doll and starts singing softly to herself (I think she sings Frère Jacques). As she’s singing she starts to fade away. When she’s gone, the doll drops and breaks open, revealing the doll was filled with diamonds.

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