80s or 90s sci fi with cyborg hvo has knives for fingers

So this movie is probably a b movie from the 80s..

I saw it in 98 or smth on tv.

All i remember is a scene well within the film where this guy (most likely cyborg) slits another guys wrist with his finger knives.

The scene takes place in a field at some “farm”/evil peoples base of operations.

Action scifi..

Thats about all i remember. Please help me solve this, i’ve been trying in vain for 10 years now.

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  1. I forgot to mention that it was in colour and i’m pretty sure it was in english. Please help solve this. And it has nothing to do with nightmare on elm street.

  2. Hi thanks for the anwsers but none of them fit.
    Future kill is too dark and gloomy, the movie i am trying to find has a lot of day time action including the scene i mentioned with the wrist being slit.

    Knights does not fit either. There are cars and buildings from “present time” i am not sure if any cars are seen actually driving but they are there. And they aren’t riding horses.

    On a sidenote i would like to add that i’m only 95% sure that the people in this movie are actually cyborgs.

    Once again i plea for help and thank you in advance. I am still actively searching my self but i could really use more of your help.

    (I’m pretty sure the action sequence in question at the farm has a silo and a barn or something of sorts in the background)

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