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Evil Corporation (Maybe devil) Protagonist low level employe trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Hello all.
This movie is about an evil corporation maybe run by the devil.
The movie, as far as i can remember, is cheery/fun with the whole angle that all evil in the world are being conducted out of an office building.

This is just about all i remember.
I think the movie is from 1995-2005 but not sure.
when i search google and stuff all that turns out is the devil wears prada and feminist websites about the corporate marked being male dominated and stuff.

Semi dark Animated movie where an ape kills another to gain control of the tribe.

Ok so after searching what to me felt like the entire internet I’ve come here.
I’m looking for a cartoon/animated movie from the 70-90 (sry i know that’s 30 years).


It is in colour and has a “western” feel to it, as opposed to asian.

Plotwise it’s about a tribe of apes/monkies living in the jungle in some “village” made in the trees.
The movie starts out with one of the monkies killing the “leader” to take control of the tribe. The protagonist in the story is a young monkey/ape (possibly the son of the one who got killed) who will end up exposing that the ape killed the leader.

The place where the leader of the tribe lives is kinda inside a cave or tunnel in a tree (I’m not sure).

The scene where the leader is killed is, if I remember correctly, the first scene. I think you see the red evening sky over a black jungle and then pan down.
Then you see the scene where this ape kills the other (maybe with a rock?) near a hollow tree lying on the ground.

some of this might be wrong if I don’t remember it correctly.

It’s NOT:

-The Jungle Book.

-Planet of the Apes.


-King Kong.

Please help figure this out, I’ve been searching for this one for waay too long now.

80s or 90s sci fi with cyborg hvo has knives for fingers

So this movie is probably a b movie from the 80s..

I saw it in 98 or smth on tv.

All i remember is a scene well within the film where this guy (most likely cyborg) slits another guys wrist with his finger knives.

The scene takes place in a field at some “farm”/evil peoples base of operations.

Action scifi..

Thats about all i remember. Please help me solve this, i’ve been trying in vain for 10 years now.