Giant Foot, Gigantic Flower, Telephone Kill, Fu Manchu (?)

Hi everyone!

This is a movie I’ve been desperately trying to find for years. I saw it on TV in the early 80s, however, it seems like the movie could be very well from the 60-70s era. As far as I recall it revolves around some evil mastermind, not unlike Fu Manchu. Maybe it was one of the Fu Manchu movies!

So here is this Evil Man and probably some policeman who’s trying to hunt him down. It seems like the events take place during the Victorian era, at the end of XIX century or at the very beginning of the XXth.

There is this scene at the beginning: a boat is sailing by the river (or some sort of a canal) and on the bank we see some remains of giant statues, especially a giant foot. This scene is really captivating and the water is filmed remarkably, almost the same way it’s done in ‘Ivan’s Childhood’ by Tarkovsky.

Also there is some gigantic flower (or plant) in this movie – it looks like a giant Flytrap. Maybe it was flesh-eating, however, I don’t remember it playing a significant role in the movie. At the very end one of the heroes makes several shots from a pistol at this flower and some kind of colored smoke goes from the holes.

Also at the beginning of the movie there is this weird scene when some bald picks up a phone (it’s an old model from the early XXth century, a candlestick phone, or more precisely a wall telephone with a hand-cranked magneto generator), puts an ear piece to his ear and his head is immediately pierced by a metal rod that comes out of the ear piece.

That is all, unfortunately. Any help is highly appreciated!

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  1. Basing on a trailer – the scene with ‘telephone kill’ is definitely there! So i suggest this be marked as solved. Thank you so much GG!

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