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Horror movie – streaming. Please help!

Ok, a cult believes this girl will help usher their leader into the world of the living. They were going to sacrifice her as a child but a local cop abducts her and takes her away to safety. She is eventually drawn back to her hometown, thinking she is a girl who went missing many years ago. Involves a big creepy house in a small town with a lot of mirrors. Ends with her being possessed. It’s a newer film and I’ve been wanting to recommend it but cannot remember the title. Thanks in advance!

Hippie commune mother daughter movie

This movie was about a daughter who was joining an environmentally based hippie type commune or cult. The hippie people made their own clothing and ate out of the garbage etc. The mother was raising her by herself and joins also with the hope of saving her daughter. One scene there was a young boy that was with them and they were all literally dumpster diving and the kid is thrown against some glass, cuts his neck and bleeds out right there. The group eventually goes to their “land” and is growing things etc to live apart from society and the daughter finally leaves. The mother stays because she is sucked into the life and having a sexual relationship with the leader. I cannot recall the name but I saw this in the late 1990’s or the early 2000’s.

what is the name of this movie???


i saw a movie about 7-10 years ago about a woman with sex addiction.
i will describe it below, and you guys please help me to know the name of that:
the movie was about a woman with sex addiction, she has a husband who is busy with his job, he works in midnight even in bed! the woman wants a hot sexual relationship. therefor she start to cheating on her husband.
in one scene she make sexual relationship with a water in restaurant toilet.
in other scene she make it with a man in boat near her house.
in other scene she meet a man in a bar and seduce him to make relationship, in a hotel room the man cover her eyes and tie her to bed and another man join them! they start to beating scared woman. finally she escape and she hospitalize in a hospital. at the end her husband find out everything about her problem…


2 Movies I cannot find from early 2000s. 1 Wolf movie, 1 about a “demon hunter”


There are 2 movies I cannot find anymore. Any help is greatly appreciated. I can only remember the beginning and ending of the movies with any detail significant detail. Most of my memories are visual, I was very sick when I watched these movies.

watched this movie in the early 2000s prior to 2010. It was a colour film and was rented from blockbuster video.

The opening scene there is an execution, specifically a hanging with a large crowd. The main character bursts onto the scene with crossbows attached to his forearms and stops the execution. He is soon led to a castle where they are having suspicious instances. The movie culminates with the main character going into the dungeon of the castle to find a demon (A female spider demon I believe would best description) which is eating everyone in the castle as cattle.

Watched this movie early 2000s prior to 2010. It was a colour film, and was rented from blockbuster video.

It begins with the main character on a horse drawn transport into a village. This village has been having many suspect instances occurring such as people going missing. The main character soon finds out wolves are the cause, and there maybe a leader among the wolves. The main character goes into a forest and finds the den of wolves who live under a tree. They maybe Dire wolves. Also I believe there was a werewolf. I believe but am uncertain but I believe the movie was European.

I am not sure what else to add, but if this rings any bells I can attempt to add more detail.

Alien movie I think? Please help!

I’ve been looking for this movie for the longest time but no hope.  The little I remember is that involved alien-like beings on a spaceship. It’s like they were experimenting on humans by having sex with them.  The aliens peeled off parts of their own skin and had black and white stripes underneath and they had long claws they could retract I think.  I saw it somewhere in the late 90s or early 2000s. That’s all I can remember. Please help, it’s driving me crazy trying to find out what movie it is.

adult movie name request

I am searching for a 90s movie from long long time in that movie a lady she is working in some sort of adult movie edditing department one night one thief he enters into her room and while he was inside she reaches too thief he hide some were when he saw a sexy lady he come back of her and with knife scares her and try to seduce her she gave him a drink with seductive in it after drinking he got unconsious when he wake up he found himself naked tied to a her bed and in full movie she when ever get horny use to come to him and get f____d one time one of her friend also saw all this and when she get chance she also get f____d at the end she let him free to go but he come back to her … movie name ? Plz any budy appreciated …