Woman translates for an Alien that only speaks Japanese

I think this movie was watched on Hulu (but not a Hulu Original). It has been a couple years ago, now. I can’t remember if it was a foreign film or not, due to there were several American actors in it. But I think it was a Foreign Film.

Plot: A young College-aged woman is called to do a Translation for the Military. And the client only speaks Chinese (or maybe Japanese)?

She is escorted to a very dark room with a long table. The Client is in pitch darkness at the end of the long table. It is only her, the Client and a Military guy in the room.

She soon feels like something is strange about the Client and doesn’t like the way the Military guy is treating the Client, physically and verbally. He ties up the Client.

While the Military guy is out, she unties the Client and sees that it is an extraterrestrial Alien.

Help! What is the name of this movie?!

4 thoughts on “Woman translates for an Alien that only speaks Japanese

  1. I dont think arrival is the correct movie, I think I know the movie but also dont recall the name, if my memory serves me well, the alien claims to be friendly, and convinces the girl to help him escape the facility, but when they escape there is an invasion beginning. Really want to know what this is now! Lol

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