Woman in Fishnet Stockings

Here is a film or TV still that I am trying to identify that was unlabeled in a book. A woman in fishnet stockings is sitting on the floor and attempting to protect herself with her raised arm. Only the legs of her assailant, presumably a man, are seen in this still. She may be a French Apache dancer. (If you don’t know what that is, google it.) The book was published in 1965, so the film must definitely predate that. (I have a feeling it is from the 1950s or early 1960s.) If you cannot identify the film, then perhaps you could identify the actress. Note that the picture appears as it was printed in the book and it may or may not have been reversed as if by a mirror.


4 thoughts on “Woman in Fishnet Stockings

  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Marilyn. I managed to locate the entire film on Dailymotion and watched it. Yes, I saw scenes with fishnets, but not one matching the scene in the picture. Too bad.

  2. For unknown reasons, over the years the link to the picture seems to have disappeared. I am providing the link again in case anyone is still interested. (Comment if it doesn’t work.)


    (The photo that the link brings up is safe for work, but there are other pages on this website that are not, and so the entire site may be blocked by some firewalls.)

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