I saw this movie around 1975.

I don’t really recall if it was in color or black and white.

This was the story of the son of a witch/sorceress whose about to celebrate his birthday. He gets to see his future birthday gift: some knights figurines that will be his loyal partners in adventure upon a spell cast. But they will be his only after his birthday.

Some how he knows about a princess in distress, fells in love and decides to rescue her, he will need help so he cast the spell and with his knights he tries to rescue this girl. On the girl quest he loses his comrades knights one by one. He finally rescues the girl but looses all his knights.

He is happy with the princess/girl by his side at his birthday, but misses his comrades. The sorceress celebrates his soon birthday bringing again his present back to life.

I really liked this story, I felt sad for the nights and I got glad they were once again alive. If you know the name of the movie, I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you!




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