Woman has to share an appartment

I saw this movie in the early 90s but I think it is an 80’s romantic movie. I saw it on TV and can’t tell if it was a B-movie or not. I believe it was based in New York and during the 80’s. There was a young woman who just moved in, in an appartment (studio like) that was offered to her by a friend. But the first day, a man also moves in (the friend seems to offered the appartment to both of them by mistake). At first they hate each other, then they fall in love. There is a scene where she climps down the stairs to find him sleeping but actually he is asleep and it is the nigh they make love. I think he was something like a chef.  Meanwhile he gets famous because he has a cooking tv-show. They break up because she thinks she cheats on her, finding his car (red I think) parked outside the house of his beautiful co-show host. I remember a scene where she picks up a frozen meal from a store refrigarator and cries because she sees his face on it. The last thing I remember is that he proposes to her with a ring hidden in a glass of champagne. The movie also had a nice romantic song when the credits appear, something we rain or raindrops in the lyrics.

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