Racers movie

The movie is in colours and was probably produced in the 80’s or 90’s.

I remember I once saw part of this movie on vhs rental where at the beginning, 2 car racers, one fat and one normal sized man, both win a car race and then they race on foot to touch and win a prized car after winning the car race.

At one point, at the beginning, the fat guy was fooling around with the car on display on a rotating platform thing at the autoshop.

I remember the fat guy called himself Ray but I’m not sure if the actor of the fat guy was actually John-Rhys Davies or not but he did look like him though.

Plus, at the end of the movie, the racers high-five each other before the frame freezes to begin showing us the cast and credits too.

12 thoughts on “Racers movie

    1. Can you tell me what really happens at the end of this Cannonball movie? Does it end the same way I described it in my post?

      1. I suggested the movie for the following reasons: John-Rhys Davies somewhat resembles cast member Dom DeLuise and there’s a car race that turns into a foot race. Please find a way to watch the film or a trailer for it and decide for yourself. 🙂

        1. I would if I knew how considering my country does not sell all kinds of movies unfortunately unlike America or any other countries in the world.

          1. You can watch the trailer on YouTube. I provided the link below, just click on it to watch it. Does it look like the movie you were asking about? By the way, what country are you in?

          2. I already saw the trailer the day you first replied. I don’t think it was the right movie.

            As for my home, I’d rather not say. Private.

          3. That’s more of a puzzle to me than your movie title then. Why would you need the name of the movie if you still wouldn’t be able to watch it? Good luck anyway!
            Thanks for posting the trailer, Livinghead. 😊

          4. @jennagain Back when VHSes were the bigh thing, they were easy to find and watch anywhere in my country like most countries but that was back in the 20th century. Welcome to the 21st century where things are bit more complicated than you think. You know, I hear Saudi Arabia doesn’t have movie theaters anymore. It would be a nightmare if I had lived there.

  1. You’re welcome jennagain. My 1st thought was Cannonball Run also. Sorry Olivier, I will keep trying to solve this but I really have become obsessed with trying to solve your other movie. The one you posted 3 or 4 times, so please don’t give up on us.

  2. Solved.

    As it turns out, it was Bud Spencer the fat guy and the movie is called “Watch Out, We’re Mad” starring Terrence Hill and Donald Pleasance too. And it only took 4 years to finally find and figure it out.

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