Woman Burns To Death In Car Fire?

I remember seeing this movie when I was little, I think as part of a Halloween marathon on TV. The scene in question involved a woman getting into a car accident. Some kinda pole goes through the windshield, narrowly missing her, and at first she’s relieved, but the pole then somehow ignites the interior of the car. The woman is trapped inside the burning car, banging on the windows, and dies. I remember a burnt corpse clearly visible afterwards, and also something about the corpse starting to move again, but I was young and scared shitless at this point already so I may be misremembering the last bit. Movie was either 80s or 90s. If anyone knows anything about this I’d be super grateful.

3 thoughts on “Woman Burns To Death In Car Fire?

  1. I can’t help with the title, but I remember watching this scene as well. If I remember it correctly, the police are investigating the burned car and charred corpse when the burned person suddenly screams because she’s still alive. This scene gave me nightmares for weeks! I’m pretty sure I saw it in the 80’s and I keep thinking that it’s a Stephen King movie (or based on one of his books) but I can easily be wrong about that point.

    Sorry I couldn’t help more but I’ve been looking for this movie as well.

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