Where the Purple Heather Grows

An American movie (I believe) I watched in early 1970’s on UK TV. Filmed in colour, language was English.  My recollection is vague, it was set on a farm and the family had two dogs, when the second of the two dogs died it was buried beside the other and a purple heather grew between their graves which signified the love the dogs had for each other according to the legend of two Native American(?) lovers who had died and purple heather grew between their graves.

3 thoughts on “Where the Purple Heather Grows

  1. Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)

    “Billy walks down by the river to Dan and Ann’s graves. A red fern, which according to American Indian legend can only be planted by an angel, is growing between the two and Billy calls the family down to see it. Seeing the red fern satisfies Billy that what happened is for the best and he goes to Tulsa with his family.”

    1. Haha! Amazing how a young mind can twist things – yes that’s it thank you very much Forest!! Solved 😁

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