Time Travel Love Story

I watched this movie in 2012 on suggestion by a friend (he cannot recall it either). It is filmed in colour, it has no memorable movie stars. From what I remember this is not modern film. The only scene I recall is set circa pre 1950, a man and woman sitting on a bench at night with their backs to camera, the man has a dishevelled appearance and a moustache. These two are the same person and the man is the time traveller he has gone back in time, they have fallen in love with them self . Now I can’t actually remember if it is a gender change or a disguise but I’m leaning toward gender change. I think the bench scene was the ‘aha’ moment for the characters. That’s all I remember. I have searched google and found nothing except ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’ which is not it. The production of the movie I am looking for is way older and smaller budget. Any ideas I would be so grateful!

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    1. Thank you for your reply however I watched my movie before Predestination was released, I also would not forget Mr Hawke in a movie! 🙂

    2. Well I’ll be darned, I’m watching predestination and you are absolutely right, this is the movie! I am astounded as I remember watching it when I lived in a particular place back in 2012. Maybe I have experienced my own time travel! (however it’s far more likely that I just have tainted memories).
      Thank you – solved!

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