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Time Travel Love Story

I watched this movie in 2012 on suggestion by a friend (he cannot recall it either). It is filmed in colour, it has no memorable movie stars. From what I remember this is not modern film. The only scene I recall is set circa pre 1950, a man and woman sitting on a bench at night with their backs to camera, the man has a dishevelled appearance and a moustache. These two are the same person and the man is the time traveller he has gone back in time, they have fallen in love with them self . Now I can’t actually remember if it is a gender change or a disguise but I’m leaning toward gender change. I think the bench scene was the ‘aha’ moment for the characters. That’s all I remember. I have searched google and found nothing except ‘Time Traveller’s Wife’ which is not it. The production of the movie I am looking for is way older and smaller budget. Any ideas I would be so grateful!

Where the Purple Heather Grows

An American movie (I believe) I watched in early 1970’s on UK TV. Filmed in colour, language was English. ┬áMy recollection is vague, it was set on a farm and the family had two dogs, when the second of the two dogs died it was buried beside the other and a purple heather grew between their graves which signified the love the dogs had for each other according to the legend of two Native American(?) lovers who had died and purple heather grew between their graves.