what is the name of the movie

Hello! I’ve been trying to find this movie for YEARS, but I cannot seem to find it, hope someone can help:

I saw it in the late 90s or early 00s, can’t remember exactly but it should be from around that time. It was about a parallell universe/world where the main character and his chubby friend travels. On the surface everything is fantastic and flawless but soon they discover that not everything is as pretty as it seems.

The main character had curly hair and kinda looked like peter MacNicol. He was a scientist that had invented the travelpad used to visit the other world. In the real world his wife had died but in the new world she was still alive but the parallell version of him had died in some war.

All the cars in the movie where white and anyone could take one from the street and drive them; they belonged to everyone.

Fat people were not allowed so the chubby friend was being watched and soon taken away to some forest or something(?)

Eventually the main character was taken to a mental facility to be lobotomized because he was considered crazy. There he met this woman who also claimed to be from the real world; and some way they managed to escape together.

Plz help:)


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