Western : Horror/Comedy movie

When i was young i saw this sort Parody i believe it was about some sort of witch who either was stay for the scene underground or lived there and there were some sort of cowboys who also went underground (a crack in the surface of earth not to deep) using ropes to confront and kill the witch i presume. The witch face was Cracked like broken glass but but instead of glass it was flesh (like most witches in movies). Now for the part i don’t remember well the witch opened her mouth and her very long tongue came out and struck one of the cowboys in the pelvis area (believe it or not that’s how i remember it). That’s when i get really scared and we change the channel. It might have been some sort of low budget flop but when you are a kid you don’t see movies from a critical point of view. Anyway i would love give that movie another shot.

Thanks in advance

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