Western : Zombie/Apocalyptic movie

I remember only fragments of this movie but it is about a blonde girl who tries to survive an apocalyptic time with zombies (if i’m not mistaken) and also is in search of a guy she loves who is kind of think with really short hair. In this movie there is also a psychopath who gets into another woman’s home (This woman has red hair and to sum it up she looks kinda like Gianna Michaels) and at first he looks just a little scared and harmless but slowly starts to loose his mind completely and he kind of disfigures the red head by burning her face with acid(i think). the movie ends with the boy getting killed though and the blonde girl (who is the star) holding him in her hands. It looks like a sick movie but i think it has some humor in it i am not sure don’t really remember

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  1. Sounds like The Signal, there was a weird static broadcast over TV and radio, it made people crazy and psychotic. The movie was told in three chapters, the lovers at the start who get separated, the middle chapter is about the redhead lady who thinks she is having a party, the man burns her face with what looks like an exterminators gear. The final chapter is couple coming together again to and trying not to get killed. I enjoyed it myself, the guy with the hedge clippers freaked me out the most.

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