Weird Short Film with an Outhouse and a Various Women

I’ve struggled to identify this movie for many years now. I saw it as a kid back in the early 80s. I think it was a short film, and for some reason I had this impression it starred Woody Allen, but I’ve dug through his filmography and have been unable to find anything that matches this.

The film opens with a man walking along a beach I think. He discovered a small collapsed wooden building, like an outhouse, whose four walls have all fallen down in four radial directions from the center, with a punching clown sitting in the middle. The man is bemused, and then decides to rebuild the building, standing back up all four walls.

After he does this, he watches as a series of women exit the rebuilt outhouse, and run off in various directions. I can’t remember if they were all different, or the same woman just in different outfits. I feel like each outfit was themed, like say a tennis outfit, a bikini, etc.

Eventually his curiosity overcomes him, and he opens the door and steps inside. Immediately all the women come running back to the building and re-enter. Then the house falls apart with a punching clown inside again, except this one looks like the man.

I’m sure I’ve gotten some details slightly mixed up over the decades, but I’m fairly certain the essential parts are accurate. This is just about impossible to search for, so I’m depending on some random person having actually seen this film and recognizing it.

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  1. I did a little digging on this website, and I found another unsolved question that I’m certain is the same movie:

    The interesting thing is I found it by searching for Woody Allen. The person who asked that question also had some vague idea he was in the movie, but wasn’t sure. So now I’m going to double check all his films from the late 70s and early 80s again. Or perhaps there was another actor around that time who resembled him?

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