Surreal movie about a house full of girls

A movie I saw around 1984.  It MAY have been a Woody Allen movie but I think I’m actually mixing it up with a Woody Allen movie (the Woody Allenish bit includes a part where we are in the internal workings of the man’s reproductive system, and guys are working a mechanical contraption which is the penis, and then a bunch of other guys dressed up in white suits with white helmets jumps out of the end of it… it’s probably “Everything You Always Wanted
to Know About Sex*
(*But Were Afraid to Ask)
” )

But back to my original movie… in the movie, a guy visits a huge house which is some kind of rooming house for ladies.  Each room in the house is the room or suite of one lady, and each is unique and sometimes very surreal.  He visits a number of the ladies and has different experiences (it’s not a porno).  One room that stood out was ridiculously huge (as if the interior of the room is bigger than the house; Tardis-like) and may have even opened onto part of the outdoors.  All kinds of weird things happen to the guy.

That’s all I remember.


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