weird movie about smugglers looking for teenage boy

So we saw this movie a few years ago.  It was pretty weird , but lately I keep thinking about it.
This is what I remember.  Foreign film (french?).  I think it might have been silent (or very little spoken dialogue).
Mother, father, young teenage girl.  Mother is a pianist.  Wealthy family.  They move from the city to somewhere remote.
There is some kind of accident or crash or drug deal gone wrong that happens near their house.  One survivor (the only one?) of the mayhem is a young teenage boy who was shot.  The girl hides him in one of the family’s outbuildngs, and tends to his serious abdominal/intestinal wounds.  Turns out the bad guys were smuggling stuff inside his body (I think drugs)– and naturally they are going to come looking for him.  The boy slowly begins to mend.  The bad guys hang around the family property and shoot the family’s dog.  The girl takes the boy to a school function or dance.  For camouflage, he is dressed as a girl.  While there, his abdominal wounds start to bleed profusely; the blood is very visible on the white dress he is wearing, and somehow… the nuns believe he has just reached puberty.  Odd, since he is bleeding from the abdomen.
The boy and girl fall in love.  The bad guys are still looking for him/them.  The boy and girl leave her home for the old empty house in the city.  The bad guy(s) find them in the house.  They die together, shot, maybe in the house… but I keep picturing another location.  Empty, sad, depressing, lonely, weird and… I still don’t know what the point is.
Any one out there seen this thing?

3 thoughts on “weird movie about smugglers looking for teenage boy

  1. YES–that’s it !! Thank you!!
    So I looked at the reviews on the IMDB database (now that I know the name), and a number of them say Americans just don’t get this film… the point is moods and emotions. I dunno… it didn’t work for me at the time… I might try it again. It definitely implanted itself on my unconscious.

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