Weird animated movie

I remember in about either 2006 or 2007 watching this really strange movie. It was kinda like a claymation animated movie (kinda like aardman style) i remember it being British and it was kinda like a comedy but it wasn’t for kids. I’ve been searching for this movie for days and google hasn’t helped me it only brings up the movie Paranorman which isn’t the movie i’m looking. I think my dad rented the movie and we had it for about 3 days but i turn it off because it creeped my brother out. Alls i remember from the movie was that the two kind of main characters were boys in like highschool and they were kind of chavy, i also remember that one of them has a dream that his family and friends are zombies (Which is why google thinks its the movie paranorman) i also remember there was something to do with a lake in it. I can’t really remember anything else. I would really want to watch it again if i knew the name.

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