Group of dogs that have a daycare(?) and babysit human babies.

I remember there was a group of cartoon dogs that ran some daycare and took care of human babies. I remember this one scene where a golden retriever tried giving the baby a bath, leaving the baby alone for a bit ending up with the bathroom being filled with bubbles. I remember the babies had little plastic dolls in real life. I think the movie was made by some toy company?

Date I saw it: Idk but a long time ago when I was little.

The DVD was purple with dog bones on it.

In color.



2 thoughts on “Group of dogs that have a daycare(?) and babysit human babies.

  1. This is the only thing left on the internet as a video of the movie. Many people have also tried finding it and I think it’s been like erased from the internet because all of the toys the movie was made after were recalled due to the danger the magnets in them caused BUT I’m not sure it’s a little weird but I had the movie and I don’t know where it is but I LOVED it and so did so many others according to the comments 🙁

  2. So it’s called doggie daycare but no one can find it there’s just a small clip of it left in so confused but all toys were recalled because their magnets were very dangerous so I think they tried deleting a lot of the stufd associated with it but idk it’s a great movie I need to find my copy 🙁

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