Title of an italian erotic-comedy movie from the eighties

Hello, I’m trying to find a movie I watched on TV, on a Latin American channel called “MVS Multicinema”. In general, I would describe this film as an 80s erotic-comedy movie both set in Italy and spoken in Italian.
What I remember about the plot is that it was about a young woman who was a single mother working as some kind of escort for rich men; and that her daughter was unable to live with her due to the fact that she had to live with these men for some time.
In addition, there is a specific scene I remember, which took place at the beginning of the movie. In this scene, the protagonist asked to stay at her daughter’s friend’s house, and the other housewife agreed (because she was living alone or something). As the scene developed, this little girl’s mother went naked into our protagonist’s room and tried to have sex with her; however, this offended our main character and caused her to pick her daughter up and leave that house immediately.
I hope someone can help me with this information, even though is not that much.
Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance if you have an answer .

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