Was This a Movie or a Dream?

I keep having memories of what I thought was a movie but maybe it was a dream? I’ve been googling keywords on and on and haven’t found anything so now I’m starting to think it wasn’t real, maybe you can help.

What I remember is it started with families in America sending their adult children to visit an ancestral homeland in a remote place. It was these people all from this single rural community that was in a clearing. It was a long journey to get there, at one point they had to take boats or rafts down a river in a very open area. I vividly remember the image of two of the people sitting on the boat and talking to each other. When they arrived, they had to go through thick woods for a bit before they got to the clearing, where there were small houses or possibly tents. The people who lived in this community were suspicious of the visitors until they started making connections to how they were related, and then suddenly they welcomed them very warmly. I think maybe everyone wore white? The “kids” that were visiting started getting to know everyone and were having fun learning the unique culture of this place when they learned the community was preparing to move underground into a tunnel system with bunkers they’d been preparing for a long time. It was almost time for what they thought was the apocalypse, and it was believed that was why the parents had sent their kids there. One kid, a boy I think, wasn’t too sure about going into the bunker, and I can’t remember what was wrong with it but he really didn’t like it. The “doomsday” arrived and everyone filed into the bunker, with the kids coming last (I think some of them decided not to go because they didn’t believe the apocalypse was happening but no one agreed with them. Possibly some were forced by the community to go or stay?), and at the very last minute it became clear the community had been wrong and had twisted purposes for getting everyone into the bunker, and everything was fine.

I remember so many scenes so clearly but I have no idea what it is. I think I may have watched it in class or something? It’s totally possible this was just a dream but I SWEAR it was a movie or short film I saw.

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    1. I think you might be right! Thank you! At first I didn’t think so because I didn’t associate it to the rest of the movie but I just looked it up and you got it. Thank you!

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