CGI animated movie with animals shaped like letters or words

I don’t think it’s word world.

I saw this late at night in the early 2010’s I think on Netflix and really liked it.  All animals in a computer generated cartoon, no humans. Animals were made up of letters or words, some gimmick like that. Lots of blue sky and green grass.T s involved a castle and the king or queen wanted to turn all of the subjects/animals into clouds. I remember the title being two words like animal crackerz or animal quackerz or something zany like that. Maybe wasn’t a full-length movie, like 40 minutes. Seemed English or European or Australian. Whimsical.  I think I was drunk and I really liked it and I wanted to remember the name so I could see it again.

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  1. All I can think of is Word World. The characters are animals made out of words. It’s a half hour show and I don’t know that any of the plots matched what you remember, but maybe it’ll give you a place to start from.

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