False memory of the movie “The Dead Zone” (1983). Help!

Maybe I came from a parallel universe (though I don’t believe this stuff), but when I saw “The Dead Zone” first (about 1995) and second time (2020), it was like 2 different movies. In both was Christopher Walken playing the main character, but some episodes were different (what I can remember):

  1. When Johnny Smith  got into accident, it was the head-on collision the first time, and the second time he crashed into an oil tanker that blocked the road (because it crashed before).
  2. When Johnny had his clairvoyance moments, his nose was bleeding (my first time seeing the movie), second time it was no nose bleeding.

Did anyone have a similar experience, or I just have a confused memory?



2 thoughts on “False memory of the movie “The Dead Zone” (1983). Help!

  1. There was a different version cut for the UK at one point, but my understanding is the changes were minimal and just a few of the gorier frames were removed.

    If you watched a TV version, sometimes they will insert and/or remove alternate/deleted scenes. Obviously this is done to make the film “tv appropriate”, but also on occasion it will be done to alter the run time so it fits better into standard time slots.

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