Van drives around a small/rural town emitting a radio signal from a dish into homes affecting people’s lives.

Around ~2014 I started watching a movie I found on the end of some list on a streaming service on my TV (not Netflix). It didn’t seem like a very popular movie, and i only saw about ~20-30 minutes it.

There is a mysterious white van that is driving on some dirt roads around a small rural town. The van has some sort of radio/sonar dish mounted on top. The van stops in front of some home and for a few minutes emits a signal from the dish into the home. Then drives away. There is no dialogue and the occupiers of the van are a mystery.

The van drives up to multiple locations, including I believe a barn, and targets them the same way.

After what seems like some time, and multiple visits by this van, there is a scene of an old lady talking with a TV repair man, complaining that the TV has not been functioning. The implication is that it’s being interfered with by the van. Slowly others in the town start noticing strange things happening to them, the idea being that this van is driving around affecting people with it’s dish, and people are slowly losing their minds (going crazy, possibly killing each other) because of this van’s effects.

There is very little dialogue, it’s mostly silent, I don’t think there was any music. The idea i think was to have a silent suspenseful opening of a van driving people mad.

About 30 minutes into the movie i had to switch it off and never saw it again.


I’ve searched online and even asked ChatGPT 4, all it tells me is “The Signal (2014)” which is not it. But with only the information about “the van”, ChatGPT doesn’t seem to have knowledge of the movie, and that’s the main thing I know.

I don’t know if it was black/white or color. I don’t know what year it’s from, earlier than <~2014. I don’t know any actors in it. Since it was on a streaming service (Hulu? maybe, maybe not) I feel like it can’t be that obscure, but I’m also worried that it was some short 45 minute indie artsy film school graduate final project (a la KQED “Imagemakers”) which might make it extremely difficult to find. But i don’t know why that would be on a streaming service.

4 thoughts on “Van drives around a small/rural town emitting a radio signal from a dish into homes affecting people’s lives.

    1. Yes! That was it. Just finished watching it, glad i did. Thank you!

      If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious, how did you figure out which movie it was so fast? It’s a pretty small budget film that seems to be fairly obscure, and my google-fu didn’t even get me close.

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