Man watches woman through a TV screen.

I am looking for a thriller that follows a man who works at a weather station or similar, in isolation, somewhere in a cold, remote environment (there is a blizzard). Not sure what his job is but it involves looking at what seem to be TV screens/monitors. He might as well be a spy, can’t remembrr exactly. One day he accidentally (?) taps into a home security camera that shows a woman who is in imminent danger. There is a man in her house, who terrorises her. Could be her husband or an intruder. The man at the station has no way of communicating with the woman, but he keeps talking to her through the screen anyway. I assume he becomes obsessed with the woman and goes nuts as he tries to help her. If I remember correctly, the film ends with the man walking out into the arctic blizzard, supposedly freezing to death. He probably sets off in an attempt to help the woman. The film must have been made before 1995. It must be one of the early movies about surveillance, like Rear Window, French Connection, etc. but it is not a well-known movie. I would appreciate if you could help me find it.

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