Black van points “radar dish” at people in small town, making them get sick/go crazy

The movie starts with text quoting someone (a real historical figure) explaining how microwaves or sound could be used to control or kill people, and I believe it mentions an experiment that was conducted on an apartment building, insinuating that it was a government experiment.


A cop or sheriff is on patrol when he notices tape/marks on street signs seemingly leading to something. He follows the signs to a barn where he finds a big black van. I’m not certain, but I believe at this point the person in the van (you only ever see a black, gloved hand) points a radar dish type device at him, which causes him to pass out and wake up later. At some point the sheriff is shot and killed by the person in the van.

The black van targets other people in town. During one scene at night, a woman is hanging up or taking down laundry from a clothes line outside. The van approaches and slowly opens the side door, pointing the radar dish at her. She gets sick and goes inside, eventually mindlessly slamming her head into a wall until she is bleeding. The van eventually stops, closes the van door, and drives off.

For the rest of the film we then follow a woman who works at a factory. The van arrives at some point and points the radar dish at the factory workers causing them to violently attack and kill each other with items around the factory. The woman the film is following survives this attack and I think she ends up waking in a hospital.

The movie ends with audio from a radio talk show taking calls from other people who have witnessed similar attacks.


Within the last 5-7 years, I watched this movie on Netflix and oddly it was tagged as a zombie film. The film is in English, in color, and appears to be a low-budget film. I believe the movie was shot on 16mm film according to credits shown at either the beginning or end of the movie.

I think this was the only movie written or directed by those involved in the production, at least that the time I saw the film. I don’t know the year the movie was released.

At one point I looked up the movie on IMDB, and I believe the film cover had a bio-hazard symbol for some reason.

Thank you to whoever can help me find this movie again!

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