vacation movie !

the movie is in colour but it’s old, there were four women three of them were lesbians, one of them called the others, and they went in  a vacation, they took lsd i guess and started tripping, one of them died, and the one that first called them was in love or sexually attracted to her so she started touching the dead body. i also remember that they made a milkshake, and that the straight one wanted to try to have sex with a girl. And another one (blonde) was trying to masturbate but wasn’t turned on. the one that died made out with the blonde. I don’t know i remember it as vacation! but i can’t seem to find it.

2 thoughts on “vacation movie !

  1. Haha…yeah, sounds like Vacation!…which was almost as bad as Make A Wish (originally titled Lesbian Psycho).

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