Wierd French movie

I saw this movie around 6 years ago. It was apparently a French movie, one of those late night inactive movies. All I can remember is a guy trying to dig a hole on the wall with another person. Eventually they reach the other side of the wall. They both start to smell something good/funny/attractive. So the main character put his hand through the hole to see what on the other side and all he can reach are fresh made cakes (?).

Also at the end, he finds himself naked waking up somewhere in a vehicle, probably a bus, he finds his way out of the vehicle and he realizes he is in a cold desert, then he bus starts to move away (because o the wind, idk) and then the movies ends…

2 thoughts on “Wierd French movie

  1. I found it, by hours of searching. The movie is called ”The Bothersome Man” and its Norwegian, not French. Solved

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