Unknown horror movie from 80’s

I remember seeing this when I was a kid, so it was probably mid to late 80’s. It was on tv I believe so probably HBO or showtime. It was in color/English.

The only part I can remember was the two main characters (boy and girl, late teens early twenties) are trying to escape from something that after them. They’re driving down a road in a car when a cop car comes up behind them. The girl hangs out the window trying to flag down the cop car…but when the cop cars window rolls down it the humanoid/zombie/mutant people driving it. They pull the girl out of her car and into the cop car and run the boy off the road.

The humanoid/zombie/mutant things take the girl back to their dwelling. It had spiral stairs lit with torches and was possibly underground.

Any help is aprreciated. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Unknown horror movie from 80’s

  1. My other guess. . . “Curse of the Blue Lights”(198?)? It had the underground lair with torches.

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