Hand mutilation scene

Here’s another one I can’t seem to find. It’s from a while back, so I would say early 90’s or later.

One scene depicts a woman in a kitchen chopping vegetables. One of two things happens:

  1. She’s distracted by something and isn’t paying attention and manages to cut part of her fingers off.
  2. Something is possessing her and she keeps chopping into her hand, seemingly without pain.

I’m fairly sure that throughout the movie there’s a bird of some kind, like a crow or raven, that’s present when these “accidents” occur.

6 thoughts on “Hand mutilation scene

  1. That scene in ‘Suicide Club’ is similar, but it’s more recent than the movie in question.

    I happened upon ‘The Other’ while trying to figure this one out myself. While it definitely seems familiar, I don’t think I’ve actually seen it. I might have caught it on one of those MST3K-esque shows.

    I’ll look into ‘Dead of Winter.’

  2. Not sure if this is it but “Damien Omen II” had a theme where when anyone was killed to protect Damien’s life or identity as the Antichrist a raven was shown observing ( and presumably causing ) the deaths.

  3. Didn’t “The Stand” by Stephen King also have a crow watching things happen in the book and the mini-series?

  4. I checked ‘Dead of Winter’ and ‘Damien: Omen II’ and it’s not either of those. Omen II was a good guess, I just didn’t see anything like the scene I described.

    I rewatched ‘The Stand’ less than a year ago and don’t remember anything like what I’ve described. Thanks though!

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