Undercover cop and abused boy on a road trip?

This was a film from around 2000-2004, might have been a made for tv film.  Set in america/canada.

Was about a boy who got used as a prostitute by his mother to pay for her drug addiction, until she dies of an overdose.

He runs away from a police station and meets a stranger who he thinks is a criminal (actually an undercover cop) at a motel/diner. The stranger takes a phone call and writes down an address of a criminal he needs to meet  but the boy memorises it and gets rid of the address to force the man to give him a lift.

They bond on  their road trip until they go through the man’s hometown and he hooks up with his ex-girlfriend. The kid thinks he is going to be abandoned and offers to sleep with the man if he doesn’t leave him. The man refuses, the boys runs off and ends up selling himself to someone.

The man shows up, saves the boy, tells him he is an undercover cop and arrests the criminals he was after in the first place. They drive away together back to the cops hometown and girlfriend.

The kid wears a white t-shirt with a yellow smiley face on it. The cop looked a bit like timothy olyphant as far as I can remember but definitely wasn’t him.

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