French Drama Possibly Post-Apocalyptic?

I watched a film in French class in high school, probably 2007 but might have been released before then. It was in French but there was very little dialogue. I believe it begins with a family driving through the woods to a cabin where others have already taken refuge. I believe the father and mother are killed and the daughter and possibly a  son (I can’t remember if there are two people but I’m pretty sure the MC is a late teen/early 20’s woman) run off through the woods. I think they try to find their way to a train station and await the arrival of a train to take people to safety as there appears to be some sort of an even that caused the world to fall apart, although nothing is explicitly stated. I remember a scene where a woman dies and people are seen taking care of her body, I think it might be near a waterfall but it was a while ago so I can’t remember.

5 thoughts on “French Drama Possibly Post-Apocalyptic?

  1. It bears some resemblance with the Michael Haneke movie Le Temps du loup (2003). A pretty bleak movie for a high school screening, but maybe…

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