Short Film. No Dialogue. Kids. Music. Arty?

I can’t remember where I saw this film, but I’m guessing it was a “related video” to another short film I saw called The Finishing Line – a British railway safety video. Not really sure, but they are similar enough stylistically. The short I’m thinking of is from the 60s or 70s and features a group of boys that basically just walk around and…well, act like boys.

It was kind of arty from what I remember. The main thing I liked about the film was the music, which changed a lot throughout the film and sounded blown-out.

The music in the opening and closing scenes sounds like something from the opening credits for the TV show Homeland – slow horns that remind me of gritty crime dramas.

Hats off to anyone that can give me a title.

3 thoughts on “Short Film. No Dialogue. Kids. Music. Arty?

  1. Not Apaches? similar to the finishing line but was about farm safety. 1977 though I had it played to me at school in the 90’s.

  2. It’s not The Red Balloon. It’s not Apaches either, although it might have been made around the same time. I don’t remember any speaking scenes in the film I’m thinking about. I don’t remember much about it at all actually; other than the music.

    In terms of being arty, I think there were a number of slow-motion shots and some scenes with various camera filters/effects(?). Visually, it sort of reminded me of a lot of Sigur Rós music videos.

    Hope this helps…

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