Two girls wish what they want and it comes to life

The movie might take place from mid 1980’s to early 2000’s. All I remember were a few scenes. These two girls, one blonde and brunette are in the back seat being driven by I’m guessing one of their dads. They are rebellious and jump out of the moving car into the grass/tall weeds. They find a pond or forest and feel its different from other terrain. Almost magical. Eventually they realize what they imagine will come true. One girl imagines an orange and it pops into her hand. It ends up one of the girls imagine a man (I think Native American, has long dark hair, muscly, tan no shirt), and either her or the friend makes out with him. They fight over the guy and end up killing him. Really weird. I can’t remember much because I was so young. It’s possible it could be foreign and english dubbed, but who knows.

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