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Im trying to remember the name of a old tv show i watched in my teen year’s. It was around early to mid 90’s it stared Sam Kinison. It was one of them “star of the show” comedy’s like bill cosby show and such. all i remember is at the end of each episode of the show it would show him walking down the street on the sidewalk looking up at a angle “to the camera” the block had brick house’s like new york city and he would be saying a random thought that would last maybe 20 or 30 second’s ending in his “oh oh oh ooohhhh” scream he likes to do on stage. i looked thru imdb and it dont even know about the show. Am i thinking of the wrong comedian or is it just lost in time.

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  1. “The Last Laugh” (1990 TV series)?
    It’s listed under Kinison’s self appearances, but they don’t have any information on this show other than it lasted 5 episodes.

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