Guy cleans public phones; uses handkerchief to talk on one

I’m trying to remember a movie from maybe the 80s or 90s where one of the main characters has a job cleaning public telephones.  Any time he uses one (which he does during the movie), he holds a handkerchief or bandana over the mouthpiece to talk on it.  I think he’s stalking someone else & is kind of a weirdo?  He’s someone like Bruce Dern, but Dern doesn’t have a movie like that as far as I can find.  The main female character is, IIRC, someone kinda pretty & probably blonde like Laura Dern or Jodie Foster, but damned if I can figure it out.  The movie seems kinda seamy — dirty, urban, etc.  Movie is in English & color.  I believe I saw it on TV, but it could have been a cable channel.  I saw it between 1989 & 1996.  They guy talking on a public telephone in a booth through his bandana or handkerchief seems to be the most descriptive thing.  Thanks!

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