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movie about guy useing book cover to find a map

i know the movie was ether late 80s or 90s. i belive the movie is about a publisher or fan trying to find the writer for a set of book’s waiting for the new book to come out, while looking he find’s if he combines the cover’s of his book’s together it form’s a state’s shape with a “x mark’s the spot” on it. he go’s there and find’s the writer and find’s that all the story’s he write’s are from stuff he see’s in this town “random thriller and monster style story’s”. i could have sworn it was a stephen king movie but im not sure anymore.

late 70’s to mid 80’s movie about heaven and rebirth

the movie is about a guy who die’s and go’s to a cross road’s it has 3 train track’s. one to hell, one to heaven, one to rebirth. they have a woman and man act as lawer’s of sort’s presenting 3 moment’s in his life to deside his worth and were he go’s. they watch his memory’s on a globe and debate the side they represent just like lawer’s . they play 1 then stop and he roam’s around there for a little bit then play the second one and repeat till all three are the end of the movie it pan’s onto a baby being born as if that’s what they desided for him.