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I’ve asked about this before, but I thought I’d try my luck again.  It was the mid-80s.  I can’t remember if it was a made for tv movie, or just an tv episode of either a police or lawyer show.
Details I recall (Lots of details):

Opened with a play.  In the play, the main character is beheaded by guillotine.  After the play, you find out that the young man and woman in the play are having a secret relationship, and she’s pregnant.  The young man’s name is Angel (he’s Latino).  Her brothers find out, and tell their father.  (I have a very strong memory of one the brothers saying something to the effect of ‘Some Jose got her pregnant’).  The brothers enlist their punk gang and they trick Angel into meeting them.  They torment him for a bit, being very racist.  At one point, one of the brother’s girlfriends says “I like your jacket”.  Angel says “Gracias”.  The brother tells him to give her his jacket.  And then when the girl says “I like your sweater”, Angel has to give her his sweater.  The girlfriend drops it saying “I don’t want this, it’s been next to his skin”.  After a bit, they give him a head start, and start chasing him down the street.  Angel runs to the house of an elderly couple, and tries to get them to help him.  The gang is outside yelling and threatening to come in, so the old man pushes Angel out and locks the door.  The gang then proceeds to beat Angel, to death if I recall correctly.  Then I had to go to bed (I was only about 10 or s0).  But based on previews I had seen earlier in the week, I think a big part of the show was whether or not to prosecute the elderly couple.

I’ve looked up all sorts of police and lawyer show episode synopsises (synopsi?) from the 80s, and can’t seem to find anything resembling what I remember.  I thought maybe the character Angel was played by Taimak (Last Dragon), but no go.  Help?

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