Horror movie from early/mid 2010’s

A few years back i saw a movie i was around 8 at the time and it had ruined my sleep for years asfter due to my vivid imagination and being a small child at the time. since than i have been lookingg for the movie with no luck whatsoever and was hoping i could get the name from you guys.


What i can remember from the movie was a family with a mom a daughter a dad and i believe a son bought/moved into a somewhat old house since i was so little i might be wrong about the family but the rest i remember quite clearly from the nightmares i had had. when they move in the daughter finds a little jack in the box type thing and in the mirror of it she can see a girl who is the ghost of the story and than at night she says to the dad i think look what she made me do showing her sliced up hands that are bleeding there is also a mom who hung herself on a tree who is the demon in the story. the mom crawls between the walls at some point finds the jack in the box. they also move to a motel temporarily and it follows them there. at the end of the movie she tries to kill her daughter after being possesed by the mom and than some priest or soething tries to kill the demon with a cross

im pretty sure it was a crapphy low budget film so no actors i recognize

it was english

i saw it on dvd or something not tv

it wass in color

if you need any more info just ask and it might jog my memory a little bit

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  1. There’s some very similar descriptions here, though not exactly the same to “The Conjuring” (2013). That film was in no way low budget though.

    1. thanks but like i said before i didnt have tv and i know for a fact it was just one ghost of a little girl and one demon of a mom so thats not it

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