Trying to find out a movie title

I saw this movie on TV had to be around the early or mid 1960’s.  I remember the scene where a criminal was holding a group of people hostage in a room that had a fireplace. He had a gun and told them he would be back.  One man and I vaguely remember he was dress in a white T shirt and possibly a sailor hat or cap.  He decides to climb up the fireplace and escape. The criminal unlocks the door and enters the room but notices someone missing. He looks up the fireplace and fires his gun and the escapee let out a scream as he fell outside, it was led to believe he almost made it out but didn’t.  I remember being captivated I had to be around 5 or 6 years old but I forgot how the movie ended.  Does this movie sound familiar to anyone?  What was the title?  Thanks!!

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