I don’t remember much, probably a TV show

I don’t remember much about this, but I’m fairly certain it’s from a TV show. It is possible it was a movie. I can only remember one scene as I was sort of just passively watching it. It was a live action show and in color. At the time I was watching it, it was a recent show, I think I watched it around 10 years ago but that could be somewhat off.

In the scene I remember, there’s a guy in a public bathroom washing his hands at the sink. Another guy walks up behind him and pushes him down over the sink, about to sexually assault him. I think he whispers something to the guy like “you’re pretty” or something to that extent. The attempted assault is interrupted by what I think is a third man who crashes through the wall and starts fighting the second guy. It’s possible the third guy didn’t actually destroy the wall coming in and maybe violently entered through the door, but I have the image of the wall being crashed through in my mind.

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