Trying to find an old colour swords and sandals movie :)

I remember watching this in the last year but it’s an older movie (50’s or 60’s I think? I feel like it was in the Steve Reeves or Kirk Morris eras?).

It was either on youtube or a MST3K on Netflix, can’t find it now but the Netflix selections keep changing *facepalm*

I think it might have been either a Hercules, Samson, Ursus, Ulysses, or maybe even Sinbad movie? The hero(es) arrived somewhere Greek looking and wandered in on a Javelin throwing contest among three young men, and an older man judging it (will add a couple of screenshots I found on my phone, this is what sparked the memory)

Sorry for the poor quality images *d’oh* (if the images don’t work, let me know, this is not where I usually upload them to?)

I feel like either the older man or one or more of the three younger men joined the hero(es) on some quest? But I can’t be 100% sure of that part?

I would love to see this again if anyone recognizes the screenshot?

As you can see it’s definitely in colour, I’m not actually sure it was in English, I usually just leave them playing as background noise so don’t know if I heard anyone speaking English or another language (sorry, not terribly helpful)

4 thoughts on “Trying to find an old colour swords and sandals movie :)

  1. Based on your description, it may either be Ulysses Against the Son of Hercules, 1962 or The Giant of Marathon, 1959 (both Italian)

  2. After trawling YouTube for days and watching endless movies I finally caved and messaged with the pics *LOL* they’re the experts on these movies so if you need to find one, just send them a message through Facebook and they should be able to help 🙂

    Anyway, they just got back to me today with the name of the movie \o/

    And go figure, it was the ONLY movie I didn’t watch because I didn’t remember watching it in the first place *facepalm*

    So this can be marked as solved, and the movie is Ulysses (1954) with Kirk Douglas 😀

    Looking forward to watching it again, and hopefully remembering it this time 😉

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