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TV series with a woman who dies of illness in the last episode and a cat hiding under the bed?

I only saw a few minutes of a tv show, it could have been the last episode.

I know it’s post-2012 because that’s when I got my dvd recorder that I saw it on.

All I remember is a woman (pretty sure it was a woman) who was dying, and she was lying in a bed, in a house, and there was a cat asleep on the bed with her. Then the woman died, and people were moving around, in and out of the room, and the cat was hiding under the bed (it might have been hissing or just looking scared) but no one remembered the cat under the bed? I think the cat might have been white?

if anyone remembers what this is from, please help me find it? Thank you. (posted over at reddit as well for maximum help)

Trying to find an episode (or episodes) of a tv series

It was a tv series about weird or paranormal things seen on cctv or satellite?

I remember watching this series in the last five years, and the episodes I very specifically remember include a black mountain in Australia seen from space, a black alien creature caught on an ROV camera, and a (new movie) war of the world’s type clip of a pod thing seen coming down in a lightning strike in the UK (near a church I think?)

I’ve been through the episode guides for both Strange Evidence and What On Earth but can only find the black alien underwater one (3×08 alien in the abyss)

It is driving me nuts that I can’t find the other two clips because I want to watch them again headdesk

If these are familiar to anyone, or if someone with better google-fu can find them for me, I would be supremely grateful. Thank you.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that I might be mixing up my series and it’s more than one show *facepalm*

Trying to find movie with a character who has double prosthetic legs?

i only saw a tiny clip in a movie trailer compilation and I want to find the movie please? It looked like a recent movie (last ten years or so perhaps)

all it showed was a white man wearing a baseball cap who has two prosthetic legs walking away from a Jeep on a dirt road and he does the gun thing with his left hand (the click and fire with his finger) and behind him the Jeep explodes 😮

Please help me find this?

Trying to find reality driving series?

i remember watching it a while back, somewhere between 90’s and 2010’s? it was in Canada or Alaska, I think it was some sort of team driving contest over a few weeks and there was overnight camping, they were driving trucks or off road vehicles, each week I think someone got eliminated, or one vehicle dropped out?

I want to find it again, so any help would be great! suggest anything that might vaguely sound like it, I’ll check them all out to find this again 🙂

Trying to find this documentary about the plagues of Egypt?

i don’t have much to go on, 8 just remember it was a documentary about showing scientifically how the plagues of Egypt could have happened

the death of the first son was something to do with how they were fed first in the family and anything wrong with the grain made them sick first and worst

the river turning to blood was something to do with algae I think

the sky being dark was something to do with an eruption

etc etc etc

i would love to see it again, so if anyone remembers it or knows what it’s called I would really appreciate any help?

Help me find this please?

all I remember clearly is one scene, sorry

it was a period piece, French or English location, but the characters spoke English

the Hero was pretending to be some silly foppish rich dude, in a previous scene that I missed he had been shot or stabbed and was hiding the injury? The guy who shot or stabbed him ran into him at some rich party and somehow discovered the injury and realised who he was with?

i was so sure it was the scarlet pimpernel (the Richard e. Grant version) but having just watched it, I can’t find this scene so I must have been wrong *d’oh*)

if anyone recognises this scene, can you help me find what its from please???

trying to find a “biosphere” episode?

i’m trying to find a tv episode that I have a very vague memory of, i can’t remember what series or who was in it, but I do remember there was a biosphere or test living module for the moon or mars in it, and I think someone dies or is killed?

it was definitely pre-2020 (possibly older than 2019 even?), it was in colour, I’m not sure of the language because I didn’t have the volume turned up at the time

if anyone can help me find it again so I can watch the whole episode, that would be amazing?

cant remember this Japanese action or sci-fi movie?

i don’t remember a whole lot but it was in colour, and I think it was either badly English dubbed, or Japanese with eng subs? it might have been 70s or 80s -ish?

all I can remember is a bit where there was some sort of action or spy team were all arriving at the same place, i think it was some sort of hidden or secret headquarters (i thought it was hidden behind a tailor shop?)

there might have been a kidnaped scientist? or his daughter?

i really wish I could remember more and find it again :/

Can’t remember this B Movie?

i can’t remember anything except the end scene, there was a soldier, and he had just finished fighting bad guys or defending villagers/people, and I can’t remember how but he ends up losing one or both hands?

he might wake up on a beach?

it might be a post-apoca or just a regular ex-Soldier fights baddies kind of movie, but it’s been bugging me so much that I can’t remember it, I don’t think it was post-apoca tho, might be one of those ex-vietname vs baddies type things?

i remember finding it in a list of the worst b-grade movies ever made?

Trying to find a Hallmark Christmas movie?

it played yesterday but I missed the beginning so I have no idea what it was called and I didn’t recognise any of the actors in it 🤷‍♀️

It looked recent, so maybe made in the last year or so?

there were three people living together, one man and two women, and they seemed to work as Christmas elves somewhere? one of the women fell for a single dad (he dressed like a professional type, suits etc) who seemed to be having a hard time dealing with Christmas for his son. there was someone building a large oversized Santa chair? the single dad came to the woman’s house and saw her hugging the man she lived with and got the wrong idea (they were just friends and she was upset). at the end there seemed to be something involving notes left for each other between the single dad and the woman, and there may have been a sleigh ride?

i really want to find this again, please help me track it down?

Trying to remember a sword’n’sorcery movie?

I only have a few vague memories of watching this so here goes…

It was in colour and I think it was in English (or Italian dubbed to English)

It was definitely pre-2000, probably 80’s? Maybe 90’s at a stretch?

The only clear memory I have is the fight at the end, there were two brothers fighting each other and one of them falls off a tower (I think they fall or get pushed out a tower window) and they fall into the sea below?

Any help would be much appreciated, I’ve been trying to remember this one for a while? I will check out any suggestions to find this movie 🙂

thank you!

Looking for a horror movie

im trying to find a pre-2000 horror movie I watched once.

the only scene I remember is a woman being cooked to death because she couldn’t get the glass shower door open

there might have been an evil baby in it? (I could be wrong on this tho)

there might have been some sort of electricity manipulation in it?

i really want to find it again please

Looking for a recent sci-fi movie?

I’m trying to find a movie I watched on YouTube in the last year or so. It had no beginning and no end, but it was a recent movie.

I think it was a UK film, it was colour, in English, and looked fairly low budget.

The only character was a man in uniform, I think he was a pilot, or astronaut?

There was a big round eye-shaped spaceship or space station seen distantly in the sky, I think he crashed from there? But this wasn’t his world, he followed some sort of dog shaped robot to a bunker and found old newspapers saying something about a war and it seemed like most people were dead?

I think there were flying robots shooting at him? The last thing O saw was him sitting on the ground thinking about shooting himself and the robot dog thing came back…that’s where it ended?

If anyone can help me find this, I would be really grateful. I want to know how it ended. Thank you.

Looking for a pre-2000 action movie

It was in colour, it was in English, it was made in the US I’m pretty sure (you’re standard Rambo-esque type but set in the mid-to-south-west US).

It could be anywhere between the 70s and the 90s, I can’t really remember what people were wearing but there was a lot of denim?

The only scene I can sort of remember is the last few minutes of the movie, there was a small plane that might have had a kidnapped person or a baddie in it, and a car chasing it, I think the car crashes because I remember someone (possibly the hero) being pulled out of the crashed car and put in the back of a vehicle (ambulance, or pick-up truck?) There were a lot of people standing around, maybe a girlfriend or sister who gets in the back of the vehicle with the wounded hero?

The hero had dark hair, and might have been Native American perhaps?

Sorry to be super vague, I really just caught the last few minutes and I’ve been trying to find it (I’ve seen so many cheese-filled action movies now that I can’t keep track of them all *LOLs* 😉

Suggest anything you might think fits the request, I’ll check them all out til I find it again 😀

Trying to find a fight scene on horseback?

Sorry it’s not much to go on but all I have is a very clear memory of two people fighting with swords on horseback and they fight through a market or building?

I think it’s an older movie and in colour, but I cannot remember who is in it, can’t even describe them, I just remember the horses crashing through stuff as the people are sword-fighting?

Help? I would really love to find this again and watch it 😮

Can’t remember this TV movie?

Sorry to be a bother again but all I can remember is one scene from the end of the movie (I’m guessing TV movie because it looked small budget and it was the late 80’s or 90’s)

the one and only scene I remember is of a man and woman, a plane chasing a car down a country road (fields and trees to either side, proper paved road), and the plane crashes and ends up tipped forward onto its back?

it may or may not have driven the car into one of the fields or some trees

the Man and woman may have been ex’s or dating or married?

it seemed like some sort of action rom-com scene?

if anyone remembers this or recognises it please let me know? I would love to see it again? Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

p.s. it’s entirely possible it was a movie length tv episode, I just can’t remember *facepalm* but I think the time period I saw it in was comparable to a series with Leonard Nimoy in it with “game” in the title? I feel like I saw these the same year but again, could be totally wrong?

Trying to find this black and white sci-fi episode?

It was part of a black and white sci-fi anthology series but I can’t find it again?

I thought it was either The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits but I can’t find it in any episode guide *headdesk* (it might still be either of those, I just can’t find it in any episode guide but I will keep searching)

All I can remember is a mission to the moon, no communications back at Earth base, and then something about a giant cat or rat or mouse and I think maybe they were going to use the rocket to kill whatever the giant animal was?

Any help finding this again would be great, I really enjoyed the episodes I did watch and would love to watch more (once I know the name of the series)?