Movie about a child abduction (teenage girl wearing a blue nightgown)

Saw this movie quite a while ago, but what I (think to) remember:

  • Child abduction
  • Abducted child is a teenage girl (aged 12-16yo)
  • Girl that is held captive survives in the end (not too violent)
  • Throughout the movie she’s wearing a blue nightgown (light blue shiny fabric)
  • Takes place in some kind of house in a wooded area (at least 2 floors as there are stairs inside). Also some scenes outside of the house.
  • Abductor is one single man (could even be a family member, friend or acquaintance)
  • English spoken
  • In color
  • Not a well-known movie, no famous actors (guess a TV movie)
  • Would guess an 80s or 90s movie or beginning of 2000s (think not later than 2005). I saw it on TV end of the 90s or beginning of 2000s.

Hope someone can help me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Movie about a child abduction (teenage girl wearing a blue nightgown)

  1. Thanks a lot for your reply!

    Unfortunately it’s not the movie I’m looking for, although I must admit it resembles it quite a lot, so I fully understand and appreciate your suggestion! I guess the fact that in both movies the abducted person wears a blue dress is just coincidental.

    – The abducted girl in “my” movie is a bit younger (or looks younger anyway)
    – Think 1975 is too early in time (based on the video quality I have in mind, I would rather say 90s or beginning of 00s)
    – Don’t recall Martin Sheen & Linda Blair being part of it
    – There was no romantic/sexual story line involved
    – Seems that Linda Blair wears the blue dress only for a short period in Sweet Hostage, but in “my” movie it’s worn for a much bigger part of the movie
    – Sweet Hostage takes place in a wooden cabin, but I recall it was more a smaller house with at least 2 floors and a pair of stairs inside

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